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The Rebel Few – Tickets

Mon 9am (Local Time)

General Public On-Sale
Wed 9am (Local Time)

A pre-sale is an opportunity to secure tickets prior to the public, not a preferential seating service. On sale times are quoted in local time. *Or until pre-sale allocation is sold out.

Although the music and beliefs are still very similar,some things have changed. The name "WEST MEMPHIS SUICIDE" is the name that we stood behind proudly,and still look back on as what brought us here!!

A REBEL FEW, just the next chapter in what we're trying to accomplish and that is to write and play the music that we feel passionate about.

So if you stand for what you believe in,and believe in what you can be one of many....or one of the FEW.A REBEL FEW- took all the shit they DONT like about music and ignored it,..and then took all the things they DO like about music,..and they do THAT!

Tour Dates

Sat 8.30pm (Local Time)

The Demolition Room