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All About Us

Welcome to Ticket Treasure! As a new vendor in entertainment ticketing we’re a small fish in a big sea, but we’re swimming against the tide! Our sleek stature and compact size allow us to maneuver through all sorts of spaces in the world of art and entertainment that the age-old whales of the industry tend to get stuck in, or else ignore altogether.

We at Ticket Treasure know that the greatest bounty often lies unseen, far below the surface. As such, we pride ourselves on bringing unsung talent to the light while supporting eclectic voices and spectacles from all over the world. If you love cutting-edge theatre, new and alternative musical acts and attractions that are a bit off the beaten track, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ticket Treasure’s ethos is one of inclusiveness, diversity and creativity. This is reflected in the variety and uniqueness of the productions we support, the entertainment we give our customers access to, and the overall experience of being part of the Ticket Treasure world.

Although Ticket Treasure is a third-party provider, we work closely with all our entertainers, venues and customers to ensure that the best of care is being provided while allowing for exciting new opportunities. Ticket Treasure is all about raising the bar and pushing the envelope, but also making sure that the envelope gets to you on time.

Whether you are looking for avant-guard experiences, experimental theatre, or some old time rock ‘n roll with a new twist, Ticket Treasure will help you scout out those hidden gems in your own backyard. And we are also excited about what the future holds, as we chart a path through untapped waters. It is part of the Ticket Treasure way of life, after all, to always be searching out new things.

If you were to look at our secret Ticket Treasure map, for example, you’d find uncharted routes to brand new opportunities in the realm of sports, travel, adventure tours, stand-up comedy, fan expos, business conventions, and the best in food and drink. We shall be rolling out these new platforms to our customers over the coming months and years.

We at Ticket Treasure appreciate your support as we continue to make waves. We may be small, but we’ve got big dreams! And we can’t wait to show you what is on the horizon.

-- The Ticket Treasure team